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Below are a series of articles and blog posts that I have written for companies such as Valley Talks and Unstock. Please explore the content! 


Every night he clocks in at 5pm, works his shift, and leaves at midnight. Most of the time he does not encounter any issues. He faces the grocery aisles, pulling forward and straightening each and every box. Then he stacks the produce in neat little pyramids while educating customers about what fruit is in season, what fruit is not. Sometimes he’ll ring up customers when the line gets too long, but for the most part he doesn’t have to worry about the registers. The Store hires at least a dozen o

Sony Announced One of their Fastest Cameras: The A6500

Earlier this year, Sony released the A6300 – their versatile, 4k-shooting mirrorless digital camera. Now they’re introducing an updated version, the A6500, which like its beloved predecessor is a must have. The A6500 has everything that the A6300 has: 4k abilities, 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor, the 100-512009 ISO range, and a really efficient focus. But there are a few, crucial features that Sony added. The A6500 has a touchscreen LCD that allows touch-to-pull focus and easier navigation. If you

Getting acquired by Facebook and raising $8M on a new startup! – How Russ Heddleston, CEO of DocSend, does business in Silicon Valley!

Russ Heddleston, CEO of DocSend – an analytics tool that tracks viewership data after sending documents, is taking Silicon Valley by the storm! His first startup Pursuit – a social referral program – got acquired by Facebook within the first year! He worked for Facebook for over a year as a Product Manager for Pages. It didn’t take him long until he started another business. To keep the ball rolling, he partnered with August Capital and raised 8 million dollars for DocSend! Sounds like a dream,

10 Things You Must Have to Impress a Silicon Valley Investor

Morado Venture Partners writes around 1 check per month to worthy start-ups. Before the pitch meeting, they carefully select the people they want to interview. A good, solid network allows them to notice a potential start-up. VC Investors in Silicon Valley conduct a lot of research on your company before a meeting. They will ask you a series of prove-to-me questions. Investor’s own research on the pitching start-up does not go wasted. He makes sure that he asks the potential start-up all his

[Expert] The best content marketing strategies – Rachel Wolfson, contributor to HuffPost

How important is great content marketing for a growing business? The answer is simple: VERY important! Rachel Wolfson, content strategist and HuffPost contributor, is no stranger to the intricate and dynamic art of marketing. She’s produced content for Venture Beat, O’Reilly Media, Elite Daily, HuffPost and countless other media outlets and businesses. In this special episode, Rachel explains how to generate the best content for your company, how to create and promote a catchy blog post, and

Insights on growing Whale - the hot video Q&A app from Ranidu Lankage and Justin Kan

What seems like an overnight success was not! Ranidu Lankage and Justin Kan’s new video Q&A app, Whale, has received massive popularity since its late October launch on Product Hunt. Justin Kan is a well-known successful founder, who sold his previous startup Twitch for nearly $1B to Amazon! Recognizing that Snapchat’s format for Q&A left a lot of problems for social media followers, Justin Kan started his own library of recorded answers and sessions. Soon, he realized there’s a whole market

Not Yet Another Dating App – What's All The Controversy About 'The League'?

Let’s talk about a new way of online dating! Amanda Bradford, founder and CEO of The League, has created a dating app for smart, ambitious people, for whom swiping left or right is not the thing anymore. The League aims to gather a safe, selective community of amazing people – like a digital college campus – to ensure actual compatibility. And it’s the selectiveness approach that caused all the media controversy in the very early days of the startup. Despite the disturbing media attention and t

[Expert] Here is what you really need to know about patents – Jeff Schox, patent attorney, builds patent portfolios for YC and AngelPad startups

A brand new startup can’t have everything. First they got to build the idea, develop a team… yadda, yadda, yadda. So, when can they start filing for patents and etch their name in their intellectual property forever? Because, god-forbid, someone else can or has already claimed that idea first! Jeff Schox, patent attorney and founder of Schox Patent Group, thoroughly explains the process of filing for patents. Jeff works with top startup accelerators such as YC and AngelPad. In the interview he

From drug addict in Wisconsin to tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley: How Tim Schwab struck a deal with 500 Startups, raised over $1M and got fired from his own company for mental illness

Tim Schwab, founder of several startups and Chief Sales Officer at KnKt’d, is not the stereotypical Silicon Valley entrepreneur. However, though he doesn’t fit in the typical startup founder image, his story of drug addiction, mental illness and being fired from own company is not that uncommon. It’s just much less often told (and it’s easy to guess why). Here is the outline: After years of drug addiction and living an aimless life in Wisconsin with some criminal record, Tim created a travel i

Ethel Chu Walks Through the Valley of Oreos by Randall Jong

Lying on her back at the Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, a nasogastric tube crammed into her left nostril, Mrs. Ethel Chu fantasized about robbing the Nabisco Headquarters in Hanover, New Jersey. Not for their money, but for their delicious cookies. She imagined a platinum vault with tons of flavored Oreos, secret underground labs crowded with huge steel drums, and confectionary ovens the height of three-story movie screens. That would be so much fun: touring that whole facility, wandering into